Studio Masters

Diploma 14


Pier Vittorio Aureli is an architect and educator. His research and projects focus on the relationship between architectural form, political theory and urban history. Aureli is Davenport Visiting Professor at the School of Architecture at Yale University and directs the PhD program 'City / Architcture' at the AA. He is the author of many essays and of the books The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture (2011) and The Project of Autonomy: Politics and Architecture Within and Against Architecture (2008). Aureli is co-founder of Dogma, an architectural studio based in Brussels that focuses on the project of the city.


Maria Shéhérazade Giudici is an architect and writer whose work is centered on the project of construction of modern subjectivity through the design of public space. Maria coordinates the History and Theory of Architecture course at the Royal College of Art and is the founder of publishing and educational platform Black Square. In the past Maria has worked on large-scale urban projects in Asia and Eastern Europe as well as teaching at the Berlage Institute and BIArch Barcelona.


Barbara Ann Campbell-Lange and Fenella Collingridge have been Studio Masters of Diploma 14 in the Academic Years 2009/10 and 2010/11.